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Fa Cai Shu Slot Machines: Eastern Dragon & Spring Lion

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We speak to Brett Vela of AGS Gaming about their Fa Cai Shu slot game family delivered on the Orion Slant game cabinet. We also look at game play from the Eastern Dragon slot machine and the Spring Lion slot machine!

The Eastern Dragon slot was the first in the Fa Cai Shu family. It features a 3-level multi level progressive jackpot, and it uses a coin accumulation mechanic for the Money Tree on the top!

The Spring Lion slot machine was the third game for Fa Cai Shu game family and also features the 3-level multi level progressive jackpot! The coins accumulate in the Money Tree here as well!

The Fa Cai Shu slot family is four games that offer 50-lines with multipliers, wilds, free spins and a pick bonus. The other two slot games (not featured in this video) are Tiger Magic and Emerald Princess. All of the Fa Cai Shu games can be linked together.

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◼️ Fa Cai Shu Eastern Dragon Slot: https://playags.com/portfolio/eastern-dragon/
◼️ Fa Cai Shu Spring Lion Slot: https://playags.com/portfolio/spring-lion/
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Fa Cai Shu Slot Machine Family:
This year, AGS uses the Orion family to launch a group of Asian-themed games with striking artwork under the heading Fa Cai Shu. Four inaugural titles will be available for the Orion Slant, IMP all featuring a three-level progressive jackpot. A pick-em bonus awards free games as well as credit prizes and progressives.

Among the four inaugural titles is Tiger Magic, a four-by-five, 50-line game incorporating a feature that upgrades all wild symbols to 2X, 3X or 5X multipliers. Also on the Orion Slant will be a new six-title series called Kingdom Cash, featuring a four-level progressive in which the top two prizes are linked and the bottom two are stand-alone jackpots. The inaugural games on Kingdom Cash include Kingdom Cash Jaguar, a 243-ways-to-win game; and Kingdom Cash Earth, featuring a five-level picking bonus that can reveal free spins or a jackpot symbol.

The company also is launching new games for the Orion Portrait cabinet, including additions to the popular Xtreme Jackpots series, the first AGS multi-linked progressive series connecting across core ICON and Orion cabinets. The Xtreme Jackpots base games feature Jackpot Pick and Free Spins Bonus events.

When a full stack of wild symbols lands on any of the middle reels during the base game, players have a chance to hit the Jackpot Pick Bonus and are guaranteed to win one of the four Xtreme Jackpots levels.

More on the Fa Cai Shu slot machine family at Casino Center: https://www.casinocenter.com/slots-of-tomorrow/

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